About Us

David Vanterpool, NBA

With many years of investing in technology, Omar Sillah and Fred Toney are the Managing General Partners of 9.58 Venture Partners.

Fred Toney, now with over 30 years of experience, previously founded Launchpad Digital Health and LDH Ventures, which invested in 40+ companies; he has served on over 50 public and private company boards; has been a CEO, Executive Chairman and CFO of multiple companies; he founded RxList, which grew rapidly and was sold to WebMD with a highly successful exit.

Omar Sillah, now with over 20 years of experience, most recently founded Spectra Management Advisors; and he mentors and manages the business affairs of athletes and coaches at the professional and collegiate levels, including in the NFL, NBA, ATP, NCAA and other leagues; he has focused on these individuals investing in venture-backed companies to create generational wealth.

Additionally, the remaining General Partners, David Vanterpool (NBA) and Deion Jones (NFL) and others, have extensive coaching and athletic success, winning in their respective careers as extremely high achievers.

dieon jones, NFL